The Way
to Freedom

Our nation is lost, divided, and in financial trouble. Here’s the good news: We CAN change it, if we restore our faith in God, freedom, and each other!

Ryan Binkley in a suit

Ryan Binkley

Husband. Father. Pastor. Entrepreneur. Business Leader.

Ryan Binkley is dedicated to helping American families and businesses achieve their dreams by unlocking and fulfilling God’s created purpose for their lives.

Now, Ryan is using his energy and vision to help America get back on The Way To Freedom by restoring our nation’s faith in God, freedom, and each other.

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We Can Accomplish Anything Together

Healthcare Monopolies Have Made Things Complicated

America is 31 TRILLION Dollars in Debt

Lighting the way to freedom

Artwork with hands raised in front of a heart

Restoring Unity

The one word Americans used most often to describe our nation is Divided. It's time to remember that we are strongest together.

Graphic detailing the national debt

Tackling The Debt

America's national debt is $31 Trillion and climbing, It's time for the federal government to create a budget, balance it, and stick to it.

Stethoscope with a heart

Transforming Healthcare

It's time to transform healthcare by promoting transparency and competition so patients have real choices and power over their lives.

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