Ryan Binkley in the News

Former presidential candidate tells what drove his campaign

Pastor and businessman Ryan Binkley launched his campaign for the White House in April 2023. On his campaign website, he described himself as “proudly pro-life,” saying, “I believe that every life matters.” He said he would strengthen the nation’s financial footing after watching it slide

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Ryan Binkley suspends GOP presidential bid, endorses Donald Trump

Ryan Binkley announced Tuesday the suspension of his presidential campaign in a post on X. Binkley was running for the Republican party’s nomination, and in the most recent first-in-the-South Republican presidential primary, he received less than 1% of the record-setting 757,000 ballots. As Binkley bowed

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Binkley Suspends 2024 Presidential Campaign

Dallas-area businessman and pastor Ryan Binkley has suspended his campaign for president. Binkley, who was waging a long-shot bid for the Republican presidential nomination, announced on social media on Tuesday that he was withdrawing from the race for president. Binkley said that while he is

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Nevada GOP Narrows to Two Candidates

Ryan Binkley is the sole challenger to former President Trump in the Nevada Caucus. Watch the video here: https://www.2news.com/news/nevada-gop-narrows-to-two-candidates/video_e5decd86-7f11-5cb4-8eb8-c1a08983654d.html

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One Surprise on Virginia’s Primary Ballot

I’d almost forgotten that last summer I signed up to be an absentee voter. Until this arrived in yesterday’s mail, that is. Continue reading here: https://www.baconsrebellion.com/wp/one-surprise-on-virginias-primary-ballot/

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My favorite single vote in this year’s caucuses

JEFFERSON, Iowa – There were 110,298 total votes recorded across the state Monday night on the Republican side of this year’s Iowa Caucuses.  Let me tell you about my favorite single vote among all those. It happened right in front of me, in the caucus for

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Who is Ryan Binkley?

Spotted in downtown Manchester today, blocks away from Donald Trump’s rally: “Who is Ryan Binkley?” signs atop a mound of dirty snow. Binkley, the Texas pastor who outperformed Asa Hutchinson in Iowa by garnering 0.7 percent in the caucuses, still hasn’t dropped out. He met with

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Ryan Binkley on WFEA

Presidential candidate Ryan Binkley says he can get federal spending under control and unite the country, and maybe catch Ron DeSantis in New Hampshire. Listen here: https://1370wfea.com/morning-update/ryan-binkley-01-19-24/

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